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Destroy Pancreatic Cancer officially launched its website on May 18, 2017. Our beloved founder John Couvillon said it was one of the happiest days of his life. He was so proud to honor his commitment to do everything in his power to help destroy this disease.

At the time of the website’s launch, John was nearing the completion of chemotherapy treatment for a recurrence of pancreatic cancer. Sadly, just hours after announcing the website to his friends, families and supporters, John became suddenly and unexpectedly ill and passed away on May 20, 2017. 

In honor of his legacy and with all our love, we are honored and blessed to continue his life’s greatest mission. John lived his life to the fullest and held an unwavering faith. He will forever be missed.

Dearest John, Watch us destroy pancreatic cancer with your help!


—John’s brave, big-hearted and beautiful daughter created the video below to honor her Papa at his memorial service.—

In his own words…

I didn’t choose to be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer—nobody ever would. Enduring chemotherapy and radiation requires a physical and mental strength that is almost indescribable. The side effects can be horrible, but thankfully, they are manageable.

Walking this journey continues to be a humbling experience. It has taught me how precious life really is for all of us. I’ve learned that to struggle is a human experience, and we all deal with it in our own ways. In my case, I turned to the gift of my faith. The hope and peace it provided gave me the strength to fight this so-called “death sentence.”

But I was also blessed with some wonderful people. My wife, Jacqui, inspired me with her unwavering resolve to forge ahead with life. While I was undergoing treatment, she cared for our two children and me, as well as continued her work as a physician.

Sometimes people ask me why I had to get this cancer. I guess they thought I was a pretty nice guy! But my answer to them was always, “Why not me?” My wife helped me see it from that perspective.

Since being diagnosed nearly three years ago, I continue to say that my cancer was a gift. I have become a kinder, more compassionate person with a zest for life like never before.

But the blessing of being alive comes with responsibility. I’m determined to pay it forward and join the survivors, fighters and families who have lost loved ones, as well as the doctors and the researchers in making meaningful advances in research. We will provide hope and a plan!

I believe it’s going to take an entire community to destroy this disease. And, I want to thank you for joining us. If it weren’t for you, and the others who have joined the fight, there are some of us who might not be here today. To that point, I humbly thank you.

Stay Positive, Be Grateful and Love Life.

John Couvillon

Hope through the eyes of a child

During John’s treatment, his 10-year old daughter wrote an award-winning poem for a school competition. Inspiring hope and filled with wisdom, she reminded everyone that as long as there is suffering, we must strive to come together as one to overcome it.

“Reaching Victory”

Peace is unity.

When the world comes together like brothers and sisters,

we will know there will be peace.

When the world comes together like one family,

the world will know we’ve reached victory.


Our mission is simple—To destroy pancreatic cancer.
Our promise is guaranteed—To fund and advance research that leads to earlier detection and improved treatment options.
Our goal is within reach—To establish Hope and a Plan for all pancreatic cancer patients. The hope comes from the research and clinical trials performed under a true collaborative model. The plan supports today's patients in quickly developing a strategy to win the battle against pancreatic cancer.


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