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None of us wonder, “Why me?”


Cancer is the universal word everyone whispers. And, pancreatic cancer is the diagnosis that convinces many there is little hope.

Fortunately, several of us know this isn’t true because our survival stories continue to defy the odds every single day. Yet, our mission is about much more than surviving; it is about squeezing the most out of life.

Together, we’ve joined with families and others impacted by this disease to champion efforts for more funding, expansive research, early detection and better treatment options. Please join us in this fight against one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

Help us add more names, more stories and more inspiration to the growing list of those who already understand the level of awareness, amount of resources and type of determination needed to survive. We CAN and WILL destroy pancreatic cancer.

Working toward our first goal

Your donation to Destroy Pancreatic Cancer will be used to fund a new, cutting-edge clinical trial that will provide hope and a plan to at least 25 pancreatic cancer fighters in the Atlanta, Milwaukee and Phoenix communities.
  • $1.2 million raised for a pancreatic cancer clinical trial that provides hope 0%

A collective passion to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer

Founder John Couvillon

John experienced three separate life-threatening events. He survived melanoma, brain tumors and pancreatic cancer. But it was his third and most challenging diagnosis that grew his desire to become an advocate for those facing such a serious disease. After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2014, he promised his surgeon, Dr. Douglas B. Evans, that he would do everything in his power to destroy pancreatic cancer. He went to work on his promise shortly after achieving remission. While he is no longer here with us, it was never lost on him how blessed he was to be able to pay it forward and provide hope and a plan to those currently battling the disease. He lived every day of his life by the mantra: Stay Positive, Be Grateful and Love Life.

Chair Howard Young

Howard personifies what it means to be a long-term survivor of pancreatic cancer. He serves as hope for all of those battling this disease. And he’s not alone. Today, there are many long-term pancreatic cancer survivors, even those who have battled recurrences. Having been told he had a 20-percent chance of surviving just six months after being diagnosed in 2002 at the age of 42, he is now a 15-year survivor. Howard knows he is healthy and alive because of clinical trials led by Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, Physician-in-Chief at TGen, a Phoenix-based cancer research institution.

Physicians and Researchers

We’re partnering with pancreatic cancer’s brightest, most innovative physicians, researchers, hospitals, organizations and other foundations to succeed at changing the direction of pancreatic cancer. Destroying pancreatic cancer is a winnable battle that will require cooperation and transparency among all constituents. Join our mailing list below to stay informed of the work we’re supporting and to be the first to know about our “wins” against pancreatic cancer.


Our mission is simple—To destroy pancreatic cancer.
Our promise is guaranteed—To fund and advance research that leads to earlier detection and improved treatment options.
Our goal is within reach—To establish Hope and a Plan for all pancreatic cancer patients. The hope comes from the research and clinical trials performed under a true collaborative model. The plan supports today's patients in quickly developing a strategy to win the battle against pancreatic cancer.


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